Federation of the Disco Pimp

Funk band FOTDP’s second album is rooted in and inspired by a transient period for their home country. Conceived in Glasgow and committed to tape in their “second-home” of Brooklyn, the overarching theme of forbidden love (romantically, spiritually and politically speaking) was darker than subjects explored on previous releases, whilst their music had broadened into something simultaneously barbarous, yet beautiful.

Discussions with bandleader Marco Cafolla inspired the kaleidoscopic illustration of two lovers entwined and repeated to form a rose-like pattern. The notion of a country turned upside down was referenced further with the Rorschach-esque reverse of the vinyl sleeve. The stippled, grainy finish of the image and typography aimed to capture the dusty analogue production of the record.

The tone of the record was carried through the art direction of Adrian Barry’s studio photography and the band’s brand new online home, delivered to coincide with the release.